Artists BioIgor and Ivan Buharov (HU)
It is more than 19 years that we have been working together, under the pseudonym of Igor and Ivan Buharov. We have been producing and directing several films. (experimentals, features, shorts, documentaries, animations). We have also been involved in the creation of several music projects and film music. Our works always dancing on the edge of fine art and cinematic art. In 1995, together with Vasile Croat and István Nyolczas, we have formed the 40 Labor “Multiartist” Group which made performances, events, actions, exhibitions, concerts, multimedia works. We held surrealistic audiovisual performances where the image, the music and the words became an organic whole after chaos.

“A generation earlier, the Hungarian underground masters who influenced them were equally overlooked. There is an air of „self-censorship“ about the Buharovs; in times of entrepreneurial globe-trotting art, they reflect an era when artists used film with the hope of reaching wide and nourishing the roots of their own culture. “ Vassily Bourikas

umbra 2 Marija Balubdžić (SRB)
umbra is performed by marija balubdžić, living and working in vienna and belgrade. umbra collides tenebral voice sounds and poetic temptation with a looper.
umbra unbinds chants saturated in noises, chords and pulses.

atila faravelli Attila Faravelli (ITA)
Attila Faravelli lives and works in Italy. In his practice he explores the relationship between sound, space and body. His solo music is released by Die Schachtel and Senufo Editions, in duo w/Andrea Belfi (Tumble) he released on Die Schachtel, on Boring Machines with Nicola Ratti and on Presto!? with the artist Nicola Martini. Together with Enrico Malatesta and Nicola Ratti he is founder of the trio ~Tilde. He presented his work in Europe, USA, Cina and South Korea. In 2010 he participated to the 12th International Biennial of Architecture in Venice. Since 2011 he curates The Lift series of experimental music concerts. In 2012 he was chosen as the italian curator for the Sounds of Europe project. He is founder and curator for the Aural Tools project, a series of simple objects to document the material and conceptual processes of specific musicians’ sound production practice. Aural Tools are acoustic devices for relating sound to space, the listener, and the body in ways unavailable through traditional recorded media such as CDs or LPs. 

MASTA_Milatovic_Pano-web Ensemble Mas’ta (GR)
Das Ensemble Mas’ta präsentiert authentisch interpretierte Lieder aus einer der faszinierendsten kulturellen Bewegungen der mediterranen Welt des beginnenden 20. Jahrhunderts: Rebétiko.
Eigenwillig in östlich modalen Skalen und westlichen Harmonien verwebt, wird Rebétiko in einem von etlichen Sprachen des Mittelmeers geprägten griechischen Slang gesungen. Entstanden in Gefängnissen, Haschischhöhlen und geheimen Spelunken, war Rebétiko das musikalische Sprachrohr einer urbanen Subkultur mit rebellischem Charme. Zu den weinenden Tönen von Bouzouki und Geige sangen rauchige Stimmen von menschlichen Dramen wie Entwurzelung, Armut, Drogenkonsum und Kriminalität. Rebétiko ist nicht zuletzt ein packendes Zeugnis einer gelungenen Verflechtung osmanischer, jüdischer, slawischer und griechischer Kultur.
Mas’ta sind:
Kurt Bauer, Michael Eisl, Giannis Ferlés, Kurt Schottmeier, Nikos Zachariádis, Tino Ziámpras

tomazgrom Tomaž Grom (SLO)
Tomaž Grom is a double-bass player and composer from Slovenia. As an improviser he is dedicated to exploring an extended range of techniques of playing the double bass, including in combination with electronic media. His creativity is noted for its continuous experimentation with his own sound potential guided by the principle of spontaneity. Grom performed in the most varied ensembles of diverse musical genres.
He has made music for a number of theatre, dance and puppet performances. Two of his performances, Bruto/Gross and Ništrc/Off-cuts have made it into Artservis collection (project SCCA – Ljubljana).
Since 2006 he has been involved in conceptualizing and leading workshops in the field of electro-acoustic and music improvisation entitled Maksimatika/Maximathics, and from 2009 the workshop called Search and reflect (unidiomatic improvisation). He is the artistic director of Zavod Sploh, an associaton devoted to the production of music and performing arts as well as to education and publishing in the field. 
As an improviser he cooperated with: Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec, Andrej Fon, Samo Kutin, Irena Tomažin, Cene Resnik, Vid Drašler, Jonas Kocher, Michel Doneda, Dough Hammond, Sonny Simmons, Will Guthrie, Zlatko Kaučič, Sabine Vogel, Jean Phillipe Gross, Ignaz Schick, Pascal Battus, Marko Karlovčec, Seijiro Murayama, Christine Sehnaoui, Nate Wooley, Seymour Wright, Guillaume Viltard, Roger Turner…

kara0ke_mkMargareth Kaserer (ITA)
Artist and farmer, living and working on Ritten/Italy. In 2012 she founded Hotel Amazonas, an artist residency and festival in the mountains of North Italy. Previous performances and exhibitions: MHKA – Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen, LLS 387 – Ruimte voor actuele Kunst, Museion Atelierhaus (Bozen), Tubla da Nives (Wolkenstein), Kunsthalle Bozen.

bara kolencBara Kolenc (SLO)
Bara Kolenc is a performance artist and philosopher from Ljubljana, Slovenia. She holds Ph.D in Philosophy from the Department for Philosophy at Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. She has recently published her book Repetition and Enactment: Kierkegaard, Psychoanalysis, Theatre at Analecta, DTP, Ljubljana. She is constitutional member of two artistic collectives: Threshold collective and Eat-art collective, and member of the board of the International Hegelian Association Aufhebung. She presented her last piece Metamorphoses 3: Retorika at 53. Theatertreffen Stückemarkt (Atej Tutta). For her work, she has received several awards, most recently the Theatertreffen Stückemarkt Comission of Work 2016.

samokutinSamo Kutin (SLO)
Instrumentalist and a teacher, is known for his use of unconventional and homemade instruments. Beside performing in diverse improvisational and ethno groups he also explores the unusal sound potential of the medieval Hungarian instrument called hurdy gurdy (sol album Plovilo, 2015 has had many positive critics). In the last three years he has had around 200 performances in Slovenia and abroad (duet Najoua, Širom, Samo Kutin – solo, Samo Gromofon…) and more than 150 workshops for adults and children, which feature folk and improvisation music and the presentation of folk and homemade instruments. He writes music for fairy tales, animations, dance performances, he collaborates with several musicans: Tomaž Grom, Andrej Fon, Ana Kravanja, Jean – Luc Guionnet, Noid, Sylvia Bruckner, Boris Baltschun, Daichi Yoshikawa and others.

Sanja Lasic_Photo_2017 Sanja Lasić (SLO)
born 1987, Sarajevo (BiH)
Slovenian artist currently lives and works in Vienna.
I am not a poet, but still, I write.
I am not from here, but I am at home. I am not understood, although I talk. I am not, so many things,
but in the end,
I am.

works in the fields of electroacoustic music and sound art as a composer and musician. Her works oscillate between acousmatic composition, live performance and sound installation. She collects field recordings, combines them with electronics, and explores the grey zones in between. The human voice and the interplay with words and text appear as current elements. Studied computer music and electronic media at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna and holds a master’s degree in Acousmatic Composition at the Conservatoire Royal de Mons in Belgium.

david_reumueller_portraitDavid Reumüller
*1979 Gaal
based in Graz/ Austria
In his work David Reumüller investigates the nature of individual as well as cultural identity, the method used hereby is the deconstruction of artificial images. Via video installations and photography, the elements of contemporary image-production, can be experienced on several levels at once – through the entity that is being reproduced itself, its form, its surface and a fictitious projection. Images that relate to other images are being created – a perception that extends the fragility of our supposed linear reality. We see images of things, while being their reflection and carrier at the same time. In his painting on the other hand, Reumüller stages surfaces of daily life, such as textiles or fragments of cladding to build image and identity. The monumental reproduction of surfaces is void of actual content and thus effectively approaches the central theme of interchangeability of personal and cultural identity.
Since 1997, David Reumüller works as an artist, musician or filmmaker on interdisciplinary projects in Europe and UAE.


Matija Schellander (AT)
* 1981 in Ludmannsdorf-Bilčovs is a composer and improvising musician based in Vienna. He studied double bass at the Konservatorium Privatuniversität Wien and completed the course for computer music at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Schellander received numerous prizes and scholarships, among others the Start Stipendium of BKA Österreich (2011), Prize for the best sound for the film “#theircatsaswell” at the One Day Animation Festival Vienna, Prize for the best film music (together with Maja Osojnik ) At the Kinofest Lünen for the soundtrack to the feature film „One of us“ (2016). His previous activities include compositions for ensembles, films, theater and contemporary dance. Schellander has performed in Europe, Asia and North America.
Current projects include performative solo pieces for double bass, duo Rdeča Raketa with Maja Osojnik (SLO), Trio Foreign Correspondents with Ryu Hankil (KOR) and Noid (AUT), Blue Mistake, Red Mistake with Jean-Luc Guionnet FRA), Seijiro Murayama (JPN) and Yan Jun (CHN) and a sound-comic “Wendy goes to mexicoe” with author Natascha Gangl & Maja Osojnik.

simon steinhauserSimon Steinhauser (ITA)
artist and farmer who lives and works in Ritten/Italy. Founding member of the performance group „God’s Entertainment“. He was a member of the group for 10 years. Simon Steinkellner created performative works in various formats which were shown at the following venues: Wiener Festwochen, Gallery ve.sch, Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, brut Wien, CA2M Madrid, Bauhaus Dessau, Liverpool Biennial etc. Today he co-organizes the art festival/residency Hotel Amazonas

trobolowitsch Andreas Trobollowitsch (AT)
is a Vienna-based composer, performer and sound- and installation artist. He works extensively in the fields of electroacoustic composition and improvisation, and has composed for dance, theatre, film and radio.
Based on rotation, vibration and feedback systems he uses mainly modified everyday objects, prepared fans and string instruments. Recently he has been focusing primarily on conceptual compositions, self-developed musical instruments, sound and drawing installations. Interested in dichotomy of the intelectual and the physical he includes visual aspects, spatiality, movement, and the way that they relate to sound. State Scholarship for Composition, SHAPE artist 2017 …
CD and DVD-releases on schraum (Berlin), Monotype records (Warsaw) and Filmarchiv Austria (Vienna), Solo CD – release December 2015 on cronica records (Porto). He has performed and exhibited at European, Asian, North, Central and South American venues and festivals.

wurm Josef Wurm (AT/HU)
Lives and works in Budapest.
*1984 – Fürstenfeld (AT) 2013 „Small Pieces”, Galerie Eugen Lendl, Graz (AT) 2014 „Atom für Künstler“ , galerie GALERIE (solo), Wien (AT) „Fatamorgana“ Kunsthalle Graz (solo), Graz (AT) 2015 „SzubREÀL“, MAMÜ, Budapest (HU) „I N S O M N I A“, galerie GALERIE (solo), Wien (AT) „Art Bodensee“ Art Fair, galerie GALERIE, Dornbirn (AT) „Cibus in Fabula“, EXPO 2015, Milan (IT) „Non Epiphanies“, galerie GALERIE (solo), Graz, (AT) 2016 „Supermarket“ Art Fair (Kunst Halle Graz), Stockholm (SE) „WIKAM“ Art Fair, galerie GALERIE, Wien (AT) „RAUMDECHRIFFRIERUNGEN“, galerie GALERIE (solo), Wien (AT) „Styrian art goes Istanbul”, Österreichisches Kulturforum Istanbul, Galerie Sommer, Istanbul (TR) „Motten:Zucht:Muszáj“, galerie GALERIE, Graz (AT)